Elm Rd.

Artisan Fragrance Studio

Elm Rd. fine fragrances are hand-crafted in England with the finest pure essential oils in a formula that is 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free. Our mission is to connect you to an emotion that will soothe your mind, heart and soul through the power of scent.

Elm Rd. 是來自英國天然手工居家香氛品牌,採用最優質的天然純素精油,且無動物實驗。Elm Rd. 希望通過香味的力量,平靜和療癒用家身心靈。

In a world that seems to always be operating at full speed, it is the small things and rituals in life that help us slow down, breathe and feel at peace. We believe that our sense of smell can be integral to our overall wellbeing. This is why we have formulated our scents to tell a story that evokes memories and emotions.

當周遭一切都在全速前進的時候,透過生活中的微小事物和儀式感,可以幫助我們稍微放慢腳步,一呼一吸,感受平靜的一刻。Elm Rd. 相信,我們的嗅覺對於身心健康至關重要,因此希望透過配製香味,喚起大家美好的記憶和情感。

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蠟燭 / 線香 / 居家香薰

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100% Artisan

From the pouring of our candles in-house to the assembling of our plantable boxes, we place craftsmanship, design and quality at the heart of every step of the creation process. Every Elm Rd. piece is 100% artisan, kind and sustainable, both inside and out. Because to us, handcrafted objects deliver a unique and extraordinary experience.

從澆注蠟燭到包裝,每一個創作步驟的核心都圍繞著工藝、設計和質量。 每一件來自 Elm. Rd的產品,從內到外都是 100% 人手製作和可持續,品牌相信手工製品不單單是製作一件產品本身,而是提供了獨特而非凡的體驗。

The Wellness Collection

Scents that make you feel

Exploring the connection between scent and wellbeing. Five unique mood-boosting aromatherapy blends. Especially formulated to connect you to an emotion that will soothe your mind, body and soul when you need it.

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The Wanderlust Collection

Scents that take you away

Exploring the connection between scent, memory and imagination. Five enticing scent stories that will transport you to far-flung places. Inspired by captivating olfactory memories from all around the world.

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Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser Set


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Scented Candle


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Natural hand-rolled incense


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