About Us

Hi, we’re We Fell In Love In Reality.

In Love In Reality, we believe every girl and woman are pretty in their own way -- we are confident, we have courage, and we are defining ourselves.

Start by not saying...

I’m too __ to wear this

but say this....

I LOVE this, and I’m taking it.

A little more about us...

In 2021, we started Love In Reality, a platform to share the everyday outfits we love with more Hong Kong girls, and also a channel to spread our passion for fashion.

What we care about?

While style and cutting are priorities to us, material, texture and comfortability are always the utmost important checkboxes to tick before hitting the shelf.

Although it could be bumpy sometimes, we do enjoy the journey of exploring quality clothing -- we understand the excitement of putting on an exquisite and timeless piece, and we are trying to make more of this exciting moment happen to you!

The finest piece

We understand starting a fashion boutique is never easy, especially in a commercial city where flooded with choices. That's why we're putting 200% effort and time to ensure an excellent online shopping journey and the best quality of fashion items -- we insist to try on every items (really to touch and feel) before they're available for sale here!